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We only consider original and previously unpublished work though there are some exceptions to work published on personal blogs (contact us). Simultaneous submissions are welcomed but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do not and will not ever charge a submission fee to have your work considered for general submissions. 

We publish in May and November and accept submissions year round. Response times will typically vary from one month to three months. We carefully read and consider each piece but we do try to have fast turn-around times. We are well aware of how it feels to constantly check your email and bite your fingernails in the hopes that your work has found a home. 

We do not offer payment to our contributors at this time but hope to in the near future. 

Submit all work (except Spoken Word & IndiVISUALity, read more below) to The subject line should contain the category of your submission (i.e. poetry, flash fiction) and your name. Ex: Poetry Submission, Jane Doe

If you are submitting to multiple categories, send separate emails. 

Please send all work as an attachment. In the body of the email, include a brief biography (50-100 words). If your work is accepted, your bio will be published in our contributors page.


Poetry – should not exceed 50 lines and 800 words. Up to five poems in one single document. 

Fiction – should not exceed 2000 words, one piece at a time until you receive a response from us

Flash Fiction – Flash fiction pieces should not exceed 600 words. Up to three flash fiction pieces at a time.

Thirty Fiction -- Pieces should be thirty words, no more no less with a one-word title. Up to three thirty fiction pieces at a time. 

Art  We are looking for artists in any medium. Text-base documentation explaining your work is not mandatory but appreciated. Attach your work as high resolution files (at least 2400 pixels wide). Please indicate the medium of your pieces (oil on canvas, gouache on paper, colored pencil on construction paper, etc) and include the title of your piece. If your pieces are untitled, please title your art as "Untitled 1," "Untitled 2," "Untitled 3," etc. in order for the publisher to indicate which works have been selected in the acceptance letter to artist and in the Artist's Agreement. Please do not submit more than twenty pieces at a time. 

Spoken Word & IndiVISUALity (Video Creations) – It’s not enough to read it, we need to hear it because what is one without the other? Please keep all sound and video components to 8 minutes or less. Only one submission at a time. You must hold copyright to the material submitted (This means it must be original work.) Copyrights belong to authors by default. Read more about Spoken Word & IndiVISUALity, guidelines, and how to submit here.



Phree Write Magazine acquires First World Electronic and Archival Anthology rights. We take non-exclusive rights, but if your work is published elsewhere please indicate that it was first published in Phree Write Magazine. We also reserve the right to use your work in all promotional material for the magazine. Rights revert to the author after publication.

We also reserve the right to copy-edit your work (this includes cleaning up clumsy phrasing or sentences) before publishing it. Significant creative changes to content will be approved by the author prior to publication. 

By sending us your work, you are stating that you consent to all stated above.