Spoken Word & IndiVISUALity

How do you describe spoken word poetry? 

Lyrical? A mash-up of different rhyme schemes? A unique set of word patterns? However you choose to define it, spoken word has burrowed a hole into the hearts of poetry lovers of every age, gender, and socio-ethnic background. 

Spoken word is poetry that emerges from individuals who have a story to tell and a message to spit. Though spoken word poetry can stand on the printed page on its own with its symbolic use of metaphors and immaculate utilization of word play, spoken word is powerful because of its performance-based nature. Spoken word is precisely what it is, poetry that is spoken to an audience that snaps, jeers, and interacts with the author.

But because this type of poetry is intended for onstage performance, poets do not often get the acknowledgment they deserve in the literary world. There is not a place in magazines for this type of art so these poets do not have the privilege of becoming published authors  this particular form. Spoken word poets deserve more than the stage, more than applause. Along with the praise they receive from fans and fellow art lovers, they deserve to have a place to put their poetry in the literary world. Phree Write Magazine has created that space with IndiVISUALity. Hearing and seeing this poetry form is as important as reading it and we do not intend to split up that relationship.

This part of the magazine is for poets who want to spread their message even further. They want their peers to feel their rhythms and stretch their voice to the readers of this magazine and beyond. They want to be published in the standard form of the word but will not compromise their art. Their words will be heard and read for the rest of time because they are now: published poets. IndiVISUALity appreciates your words and the way you deliver them.

This section is for you, my poet. Say what you need.



  • Please keep all sound and video components to 6 minutes or less.
  • You must hold copyright to the material submitted (meaning the poetry must be your own)
  • Please limit music. We do not want to break copyright laws. If the music is essential to your piece, then you may use it, but please keep it to a minimum.
  • There are no restrictions in the type of poetry submitted, speak your mind. 
  • You must appear in your video. Voice-overs are fine but you must at some point, appear in your video so viewers will know you are the author.
  • Featuring more than one author is acceptable with a maximum of five poets co-writing one piece. Be sure to add all authors names in the text version of your poem. All co-writers must appear in the video.
  • If you decide to upload the poem directly to YouTube under your YouTube username rather than submitting to the form below, you must include the tags "Phree Write Magazine", "IndiVISUALity", and "magazine spoken word" in the upload process. If you send it to us directly, please fill out the form below. (Because the form below requires you to submit all areas with an asterisk, please email the text of your poem to phreewritemagazine@gmail.com if you decide to submit the video directly to YouTube.)
  • If your video is already on YouTube and you wish to submit the text to Phree Write Magazine, you are welcomed. But be sure to edit your video to include the tags mentioned in the above bullet-point. Also include the initial date you uploaded your video to YouTube at the end of your poem in the text. 

Happy submitting!